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“Great things never came from comfort zones.”

I love to travel and packing my camera is usually one of the first things I consider when planning a trip. While I like to immerse myself in the places I visit, I still like to capture photos that stimulate wonderful memories many years after the passport is filed, the suitcase is stored and the walking shoes are replaced. Travel photos are my travel journal. Granted, it is heavier and clunkier to carry than a notebook and pen, but having my camera has opened the door to many conversations over the years. How do you strike up a conversation when you travel?

Throughout my life I have travelled, but, 2019 was a big year of travel for me and my love for street-style travel photos as well as travel portraits really flourished. The people I met were so patient and accommodating. Through taking these travel photos I have learned that our global community is so alike despite our differences in language, appearance, wealth, food preferences. We all dare to dream for a life that is fulfilling; that our families will have a good life; and dare I say it, that there is world peace.

Having my camera with me helps me, rather than hinders, to soak up the sights, smells and sounds. Yes, the language may be different, but people use tone and inflection the same. So, I may not understand what they are saying, but if tuned in, I can certainly pick up the vibe to what is being said. Taking travel photos is certainly a sensory experience for me. I aim to reflect this in what I capture – sometimes it works and sometimes we have to use our imagination more.

My experiences of travel, both overseas and throughout parts of Australia, have shaped and influenced me in my thinking. I have grown as a person and a photographer through the people I have met and the cultures I have experienced, even if ever so slightly. I am so much the richer for it and can’t wait for more adventures.


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