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About Kerri Setch Photography

“Mozart never composed anything, ever! He copied what was written on his soul”.

Marc Chagall
Smiling female photographer seated at table with laptop camera

Welcome to Kerri Setch Photography, where the vibrant stories of empowered women in the wellness realm unfold in every frame! I’m Kerri, your enthusiastic visual storyteller and advocate for capturing the essence of your inspiring journey. Brisbane is my hometown and from where I serve incredible service providers like yourself embracing authenticity and creating visual stories that resonate.

I’ve discovered a passion for spotlighting the inspiring women who lead and thrive in the wellness space. Your dedication to spreading positivity, healing and well-being deserves to be celebrated and known, and that’s where my lens comes into play.

Through professional experience and life, I understand the unique blend of professionalism and personal touch that defines your narrative. From capturing the confidence in your headshots to crafting personal branding photos that radiate authenticity, my mission is to showcase the heart and soul of your business. I want your audience to feel as though they know you and have a clear understanding of what you do and what to expect from working with you. 

Beyond the camera, I share a love for creativity and self-discovery. Whether I’m experimenting with paint, being present in the moment and being aware of textures and colors, or soaking in the wisdom gained from different cultures, I bring a holistic approach to my work.

My goal is to empower you through imagery, to immortalize the passion you pour into your wellness endeavors, and to create visuals that resonate with your audience. Your business is not just a service; it’s a movement, and I’m here to ensure your visual representation mirrors the impactful work you do.

Let’s embark on a visual journey that captures the essence of your wellness business. Together, we’ll create a gallery of images that not only speaks to your professionalism but also radiates the warmth and inspiration that define your brand.

brisbane wellness branding photography specialist holding camera

Here's to celebrating the strength, grace and authenticity that make your wellness business uniquely yours!

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