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52 Self Portrait Project

“The only people who stand out are those who want to.”

John Morgan


52SP came into my life just at the right time. Feeling bit dry creatively, desiring time and space for some inner personal work and already in-flight on a personal transformation journey I knew I wanted to tap into something that would inspire me to get out of my own way. My hope was that 52SP would be something to help me grow, understand myself at a deeper level and be a little bit braver in exploring creativity.

Having completed 52SP I feel stronger as a person, proud of who I have discovered and become. It’s very uplifting to know I can persevere, lean into me and life, tap into my intuition and create a body of work that has meaning for me. I have grown in my appreciation of the value of creativity so much. Whilst creativity isn’t air, I recognise the presence or its practice can be like air to me.

I hope this selection of self portraits speak to and inspire you.

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