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“The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.”

Robert Doisneau

Lifestyle photos tend to be more candid by nature. So, if you are someone who thinks studio photography can be a bit stiff and not you, then perhaps it’s worth giving this type of photo experience a chance. If you love to walk barefoot on the sand or through long grass (snake-free zone of course) then consider lifestyle photos. They can be individual portraits, group portraits or even team members. I’m all about bringing out your personality in my photography, but this style can make it easier for you to be you.

I predominantly take Lifestyle photos outdoors but am always open to discussing where it would be fun to experience such a photo session. I love walking barefoot on the sand or over freshly cut grass or even through long grass (snake-free zone of course). So, I believe we relax more when we are in our favourite settings. The flow on effect is you are more comfortable in your photos and less conscious of stiffening up in a posed manner. Where is your favourite place where you know you drop your guard and relax? How many photos have you taken at that place? Is it time we got together and created some magic?

I also consider Lifestyle photos to be environmental portraits. By this I mean, a portrait of you, your fam or those near and dear to you, or even at your workplace. Let others catch a glimpse of what you like, where you like to be or simply what you do. This style of photography is fun. Together we create amazing story-telling photos to celebrate a moment or showcase and achievement. Some of these moments could be:it’s a special birthday and you want to remember it through family

  • you and all your girlfriends are reaching a certain age or milestone in life and you want to celebrate it with photos and maybe even bubbles
  • you won a business award/s and you want photos to use this in your marketing to show your achievements, recognise all your hard work and open the doors for people to book you, buy your products, engage your services
  • your parents are ageing and you don’t have a beautiful ‘current’ photo
  • you have been on a health and well-being kick and over a period of time you have transformed your life, your body and your mind and so it is time to celebrate you
  • There are so many reasons to experience a Lifestyle photo session. Can you think of any?

Again, as with my Headshots and Branding photography, I guide you through the whole process and experience. I help you decide what to wear and even what to do with your hands. You will feel comfortable in front of the camera and leave feeling great about yourself and your photos. You will then have fantastic photos to post on your social channels, use in your marketing or even hang as art on the wall.

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