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Double up this Spring and have everyone wishing they had photos like yours!

I'm so excited you've made the decision to explore my Spring '22 Headshot offer to solopreneurs, small business and the corporate sector in the greater Brisbane area. Having a professional Headshot photo experience will leave you feeling uplifted, confident in your new visuals, and thrilled you now have headshots that you love! 

You will notice a difference in how confident you feel and how people connect with you. 

  • Say goodbye to holding yourself back on putting yourself out there because you don't have any decent photos of yourself.
  • Take action today to have the resources for one of those pro-looking email signatures that everyone seems to have and that you desire.
  • Say hello to having a headshot or business portrait that you actually like, maybe even love!


Working with individuals, small business and corporates, I create quality headshot photos that help raise your visibility. This is an important factor in you standing out in the crowded marketplace and attracting those who value you and/or your work. The flow-on effect of this attraction can then be new business, increased sales, landing a job, establishing new joint ventures and collaborations. Show up online how you do business - professional, confident and approachable. I work with you to get the best result possible.

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I guide you

I will coach you through the entire process. No need to wonder about how to stand, where to look, or what to do with your hands. I reduce the stress and have you feeling relaxed and comfortable so you present as confident, engaging and trustworthy.

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I come to you

As a location-independent photographer I come to your place of work or an agreed upon alternative location. This saves you time and travel, particularly if there are a few team members involved.

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I create options

Having choice with the photos you use across your social channels, in-house publications, promotional ads as a speaker/writer or even personalising your email signatures is a game-changer. You are multi-dimensional, so let's show it.



2 professional headshot photos for the price of one this Spring. You will love how you look and be excited to use your photos in your workflows.

Look great and Wow! your clients, employers and prospective contacts. 

Be proud to put your photo in the profile spaces and all those touchpoints.

Stop putting off what you may have been avoiding or forgetting. It's TIME to give your visibility a boost!

Having a professional headshot experience will fix all that!

My Clients Say

100% Satisfied

Smiling lady with arms crossed in front for greater Brisbane Headshot Offer

We wanted a different approach to the stock standard headshots. Kerri's photos were artistic yet professional. We just love all of our photographs. There were so many stunning options. Our website developer was thrilled with Kerri's photos.

Kerri is one of the best people we have ever worked with, the whole process was seamless. Kerri puts even the most hesitant subject at ease. We had so much fun during the whole process and were sad to have finished.

Petta Gatenby

Corporate looking male author headshot

Kerri brings several key strengths: an end-to-end service; a collaborative approach; high quality production and attention to detail; great empathy which can be seen in her brilliant portraits.

If you want excellent results consider her for your headshot or branding photos, video clip productions, old photo restorations. My high expectations were exceeded.

Ian Campbell

Male clergyman smiling for headshot in greater Brisbane

I knew Kerri from a previous work place and was very impressed with her work. I had seen samples of Kerri's current work and that sealed the deal. The results were exactly as we requested. Kerri took our requirements, made suggestions and handed us an outstanding outcome.

The entire process was comfortable and our requirements were taken into account. I highly recommend Kerri to whoever asks me about a professional photographer.

Murray Fysh

Elegant lady leaning on sofa with hand near chin headshot

Kerri is wonderful! She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Then she takes the most gorgeous photos!

Rachel Howley

3 reasons to invest in you and your personal brand!

7 seconds

This is the amount of time it takes for people to form an opinion of you based on first impressions.

I can help you make yourself memorable with headshots that show you as warm, approachable, capable, trustworthy and uniquely you.

This is part of your personal brand.


In the digital age where reality can be blurred, having a headshot that looks natural will showcase you in a real way.

People who see you in this way will value you. Trust begins to be built with this first strong impression. I create photos to showcase you as being believable and authentic, rather than excessively slick.

Overcome hesitancy

It can be called many names - cameraphobia, camera shyness, scopophobia or self-consciousness. Experiencing this to any degree can be challenging when it's time to update your headshots or portraits. It's a very real state of being.

Having been quite self-conscious myself I understand the challenges you may face. It may help you to spend some time thinking about what intensifies your flight response. Understanding why we think or act helps us to find a way to overcome any challenge.

I am mindful of your hesitancy and work with you in getting you to a place of being relaxed and more comfortable in front of the camera. This can be as simple as stopping, asking you to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. I am told people leave my sessions feeling so much better than when they arrived.

Book early to avoid disappointment and finish the year on a high!

3 Key Steps to Your Amazing Headshots

Take Action

Click on the BOOK NOW button to purchase and book your Headshot Experience.

You will be redirected to my Booking Page.

Sit Stand Pose

Before this day we will have connected, discussed and planned the Headshot Experience.

The preparation is complete and it's your turn to shine. On this day you have the chance to rock the camera and own it!

Get Excited

Make your selections at the conclusion of your Headshot Experience


Receive proofs via an online gallery. Final retouching will be undertaken.

Download your ready-to-use photos. Excitedly use and share them.

The Fine Print

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The Buy 1 Get 2 Professional Headshot Experience must be purchased and booked before 30 November 2022.

Photography sessions will be conducted up until 31 December 2022.

Get in early to avoid disappointment.

This special offer applies to a singular person.

Staff Teams or Groups are eligible.

Each person will receive 2 Headshots. Both Headshots will be ready to use in print and online.

The Buy 1 Get 2 Professional Headshot Experience may be rescheduled in the event of COVID-19, extreme illness, extenuating personal circumstances or atrocious weather conditions in the case of an outdoor location.

Additional photos can be purchased. These will be charged at the normal price.

If you are wanting more than Headshots, ask me about my Branding Packages. Together we can discuss how I can serve you best. 

Contact Kerri

Create a memorable first impression with a headshot that people will respond to and engage with. No need to worry about how to dress, what to do with your hands or even where to look. I will guide you through the whole process. It will be fun. You will look great and feel amazing.

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