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“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.”

Etta Turner

Branding Photography is a key element, in my opinion, in your visual identity arsenal. Branding photos can capture the imagination of clients, past present and future; stimulate thinking of possibilities and increase engagement with you and what you offer. I can help you stand out with your photos which can see you book more clients and make more money. 

Equally important in this sphere of content creation is the inclusion of movement or motion in your visual library. I can help you with creating GIFs from a series of photos taken. I also love to create Cinemagraphs which are like the child of a marriage between a photo and a video clip. Discover more. 

Photo Day for yourself or your team doesn’t need to be the most dreaded or hated day ever. I make it an enjoyable and fun experience. The results are amazing photos you will feel proud to use. Many clients arrive nervous and unsure of what to do. By the end of the experience they often tell me it was so much better than they thought it would be. I want you to be thrilled with your branding photos. It’s exciting for me to see the responses clients receive when they post their new photos and how they use them. 

A variety of branding photos will give you options of where you can use them. The obvious places are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can use them in email signatures, websites, podcast covers, magazines, blogs, business cards, brochures, billboards, pull up banners and any other printed materials you use to tell your story and what you offer. 

Potential and existing clients want to see you and what you do. They want to be able to imagine making use of your service or product. They want to get to know you. Having photos that show you as competent, approachable and warm will keep them interested in you. 

I can serve you by creating branding photos that show you as confident, authentic and successful. I want to contribute to the success of your business or brand through the amazing photos I create.

I believe headshots are way more than a selfie,  and branding photos are way more than a headshot.

Market yourself with Confidence

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